About Us

Main Bhi Bharat seeks to understand, cover and report exclusively on the tribal issues, particularly the vulnerable tribal groups. Main Bhi Bharat focuses on the covering stories and issues of the tribal population and providing a voice to Tribal India and exploring avenues for their empowerment. Main Bhi Bharat monitoring and reporting on how the constitutional provisions, policies and schemes are created and implemented on the ground. Main Bhi Bharat takes tribal stories to a larger audience including young tribals, policy and law makers. Main Bhi Bharat is creating conditions for corrective interventions by the state. We bring you Ground Reports, Interviews, Documentaries, and a taste of the Tribal Kitchen.


Independent and Public-Spirited Media Foundation has engaged Main Bhi Bharat Private Limited, www.mainbhibharat.co.in for the purpose of reporting and publishing stories of public interest. IPSMF does not take any legal or moral responsibility whatsoever for the content published by Main Bhi Bharat Private Limited, www.mainbhibharat.co.in    on their website on any of its other platforms.